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Many of my clients tell me they have never invested in themselves or their careers before.

They come to me because they have been at their job so long they've started to forget their value but know they want more for their career.

A bucket

Have you recognized that what you're doing just isn't filling your bucket?

Some have been laid off, don't know where to start or are simply bored. They need both a resumé and a confidence boost.

And oh, so many of you—well—you come to me because you absolutely 100% hate to sell yourself! I see you, and I understand.

For something that has such a significant impact on our lives and can challenge us so much, I know that investing in your career is an incredibly positive and important step forward.

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Have you recognized that what you're doing just isn't filling your bucket?

A highly personalized experience

Personalized Socks

You're unique. Your resumé should reflect you and all of your specific skills and experience. What makes you "you" in a career sense.

I will get to know you and your career story, leaving no stone unturned as we delve into your experience and talk through the many marketable skills you may not even realize you have.

Marketing Plan Armchair

Sit back — as I transform your experience into your very own marketing campaign!

Next, I will take what I've learned and transform it into a customized job-search package designed to get you in the door for an interview.

Think of me as your very own Marketing department, and the product we are advertising is you!

"Watching Ali work was like watching a forensic anthropologist work on who I am professionally. She spent time trying to understand where I started in my career, what drives me in my day to day and then the story I want to tell the world."
Stephen M., Tech Industry, Los Angeles
Five Star Review
Stephen M

What I offer

The Whole enchilada

I offer an immersive experience evaluating your career history in-depth and creating your complete job search marketing package to set you up to get hired! My specialty is working with mid to senior level professionals and full packages start at $895 CAD. Check out my services below:

"Getting to know you" career inventory

First, you will send me a complete career inventory (don't worry, I've got a template for you). Next, we will spend an hour together diving into your goals, career history and all of the transferable skills we can highlight to target you for new career opportunities. Be ready to talk because I will have a lot of questions for you!

A killer resumé

I will take all I've learned about you and use it to create a strategically written and designed professional resumé. There will be two rounds of revisions to get it just right, and I'll send you a snazzy matching template for your references, too!

The perfect cover letter

I will create a cover letter that matches your resumé and write a targeted letter for one specific role of your choosing so you can apply stat! Don't worry; I will write it using a formula that will be easy for you to update and replicate for future opportunities down the line!

A "be seen" Linkedin profile

Next up, we will make sure your online presence is top-notch. I will create a new keyword-optimized headline, 'about' section, skills recommendations, and experience section write-ups, along with other tips to enhance your Linkedin presence and get noticed!

"I got you" unlimited email support

You won't be alone on your job search journey! I will provide you with unlimited email support for a month after we've completed your resumé, cover letter and Linkedin profile. Want my opinion on your fit for a job posting? Need me to review a cover letter? Want to ask about job search tips and tricks? Email me, and I'll be in touch within 48 hours, max.

Let's get to work — getting you new work

Stay on Target

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