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I do this by getting to know you and all of the fantastic things that set you apart from the pack, and expertly marketing your unique value proposition to employers to help you “get the gig”.

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Watching Ali work was like watching a forensic anthropologist work on who I am professionally. She spent time trying to understand where I started in my career, what drives me in my day to day and then the story I want to tell the world.
Stephen, Tech Industry, Los Angeles
I had Slay My Resumé create my resumé and cover letter and was told by the hiring manager it was one of the best resumés she’d seen. Needless to say, I got the job!
Susan, Elder Care Industry, Coquitlam BC
I have always struggled with my resumé. It’s hard to sell and “brag” about yourself. Working with Slay My Resumé was just what I needed. The service was fast, effective and the money spent was so worth it!
Jennifer, Senior Project Manager, Kelowna BC
Ali, it looks so perfect, so much better than I could have ever imagined — thank you so much. You’ve been the best part of my last couple weeks!
Rachel, Senior Non-Profit Leader, Mission BC
I am at the beginning of embarking on a new avenue of my career, and Ali’s work on my resumé helped build my confidence to begin applying for my dream job.
Karen, Chef, Maple Ridge BC
Ali transformed my resumé to ensure it explains exactly “what I do,” which can be tricky in a more technical field like mine. I feel so much better applying for jobs with my new resumé.
Sean, Foreman Electrician, Port Coquitlam BC
It was a wonderful experience throughout the process with Ali. I would strongly recommend Slay My Resumé to anyone who is looking for work and needs to polish to their resume to catch a recruiter’s eye.
Tapasya, Global QA Team Lead
Ali helped me refine my job interview approach and improve my confidence in a series of coaching sessions. After my third interview, I received the job offer!
Colin, IT Manager, Kelowna BC

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Great reasons why you should hire a resumé professional.


You don't like to toot your own horn

It’s hard to brag about yourself. This is a problem that many of us struggle with when it comes to creating our resumé. Writing and selling ourselves can be hard to do and easy to overthink!


Nothing doing

You’ve been applying for jobs you should be getting a call back on. You’ve got the right skills and experience, but the phone isn’t ringing. If your resumé isn’t top-notch, there’s a good chance it’s what is holding you back.


Your resumé isn’t representing you

Not all of us can format a professional, well-organized resumé that’s also modern and attractive. As your introduction to the hiring manager, you want to ensure your first impression creates a “wow” moment not a “snore” moment.


Writing is just not your thing

Not all of us can wordsmith. Not all of us can clearly and succinctly sell our skills. That’s ok. We all have different talents. Pass this one onto the professionals!


You’ve got resumé problems

You may have specific issues to solve for like gaps in your resumé or wanting to market you and your skillset for a career change can be tricky to navigate on your own.

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